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I Spent a Week Freelance Copywriting, Here’s an Overview

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve had some paid work which I have been getting through the online freelancers site ‘Upwork’.

As you can imagine, it’s been a busy time, but now, after spending some time creating copy, I’d like to share my thoughts on the experience so that beginners thinking of entering into copywriting can get a sense of the good and bad.

Copywriting is a very odd sport. What I essentially was tasked with doing, was reading various sources on a topic, consolidating and interpreting the information, then regurgitating it in a unique and stylistically consistent fashion.

The benefit here is that you get to learn about some really interesting and obscure subjects. Some particular highlights were learning about the Indian stepwells, which are cultural shrines to the abundance of water and even some work on improving social media engagement for small realtor businesses.

Copywriting is a generalists delight, and you can really begin to wrack up some very fascinating bits of information, researching and writing on request.

This is by far my favourite aspect of the work and something that can really expand your general knowledge and make you a better writer altogether.

Speaking of being better at writing, I really have noticed a vast improvement in my writing for blogs in the last week. There is something very purposeful about research for copywriting that can start to encourage a focus and engagement with the topic, not always there by default. I know better, how I can apply what I know to my writing a week on from starting. This is really positive.

You gain blog post formatting experience and begin to build a roladex of format types for blogging. Five Must See Tourist Attractions in China, Ten Tips for Better Work Life Balance, How to Save for a House etc. Making use of the many ways a blog post can be formatted is an incredible benefit of copywriting. It can help diversify your list of options when approaching a topic or idea and this is extremely positive toward the end of becoming better at writing.

Now, on the bad side, and this may not apply to all, but certainly did in my case, some of the subjects can be tedious, even boring at times. For those of us who need to become passionate about what we are writing on, this can be a major drawback. There were times when I felt really disengaged from the task, but I always persevered and completed the task with professionalism. Some may find this aspect easier or harder to bear than me, but I did find some elements really creatively flattening.

Pay is a drawback when freelancing. My first job was low-pay for jobs that were taking up a lot of my time. I didn’t mind doing this to an extent because I was getting experience and that may be the case for you too, but for others, the low paying requests can be a real problem.

Your work is also dependent on your communication with the client. I did not experience an issue here, but I would say that it is advisable to ask lots of questions, so that you can clarify what they are looking for. Especially at the beginning of a contract it is vital to establish the customer’s vision and stylistic conventions

I’m loving the site so far and have earned a little money on the site for my work. I’m continuing to build good connections and a portfolio and would encourage anyone who feels that they have a moment to try Upwork for some experience.

Copywiritng isn’t so bad or mysterious after all and there are loads of things, like general knowledge and formatting experience gain a massive boost. Pay can be low and some of the subjects can be tiresome on the other hand. Nevertheless, it’s been a great experience overall and I would high recommend to anyone interested!

Happy typing,