About Millennial Intent

Individual power, not collective victimisation.


A prevailing sense of apathy, hopelessness and self-mediocritisation amongst millennials has persisted for too long and has been ratified by the media and the preceding generations. MI hopes that millennials will begin to reclaim their voices, their presence in this world, and their sense of pride in themselves. Aside from that broad aim, we are a platform for the discussion of ideas. We do not support Political Correctness or the idea of safe spaces and trigger warnings. Our content will explore some of the dark stuff as well as the light, but the point is that discussion breeds resolution. Censorship is the enemy of our generation, and if we want to bring ourselves into our place in society with power, dignity and kindness, we need to create places where censorship has no power. We hope we can at least contribute to this end by establishing an online community that supports these values and encourages individuals to claim back their often drowned out voices.

At the moment, there’s just a couple of us creating content, but this platform is meant to grow. We want new content from millennials living the trials an tribulations of our age. Multimedia artists, we absolutely encourage. The site art consists of a number of digital paintings. Millennial intent appreciates creative endeavours which utilise multiple creative modes. We feel that an individual who can blend forms can create really immersive content and we want that immersion for our audience.

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